Study in Canada, May Intake 2021 During This Pandemic Situation Covid-19

May Intake 2021 For Study Abroad

As the worldwide pandemic slowly becomes the new normal, students from all over the world are resuming their plans of studying abroad once again. If your plan is applying for admission in Canada and are scheduled for the May intake in 2021, you must be well-informed by reading this blog. Here we will inform you about popular programs in Canada for May 2021 intake, When to apply for May 2021 intake in Canada, and all about the last dates to apply for May 2021 intake in Canada.

The various popular Educational Programs in Canadian university

In Canadian universities, you can go with any field of education you want. Universities offering various courses from Arts, Languages, History, to Management and Engineering. In today’s time, some of the most famous programs where international students chose to enroll are Business, Environmental Science, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medicine etc.

Admission procedure for study in Canada

Step 1: Start now

  • Choose the best college and the programs for you that best suit your academic and career goals.
  • Check detailed inquiry on the list of colleges.
  • Each and every university has its specific deadlines for the May Intake for Canada in 2021, so should be considered in your planning.

Step 2: Appear for the Exams

  • Appear suitable exams according to the requirements of the university.
  • Prepare for English proficiency test like IELTS, two months before the test.

Step 3: Start Applying to Colleges

  • Search for May Intake universities in Canada 2021, choose the colleges and Universities before the due dates for the specific institutes. Organize your final application.
  • Be alert and Apply before the due date.

Step 4: Letter of Acceptance and Interviews

  • Do not get late in replying to the college once you received an email from the college.
  • If you are accepted into a college/university, make a decision ASAP.
  • Do not wait for the deadlines to reply, as some of the colleges follow a first come first serve rule.
  • After making a decision start preparing for the interview as you may face it online.

Step 5: Apply for Student Visa

  • Start the visa process: after paying the admission fees, gather all the documents required for your student visa application and move along further.
  • You can apply for an outside scholarship as well, as soon as you get the acceptance letter from the university

How 360 college review abroad education Consultants can help you with the admission and visa process?

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